three mobile phones
Chris Cable, Creative Director
Stephan Zerambo, Technical Director
Courtney Borgers, Information Architect
Colby Johnson, Developer
Jua Im, UX/UI Designer
CUPA-HR, a company geared toward human resources in higher education, came to us, requesting to declutter the outdated homepage and introduce a cleaner design, as it is their most visited page.
tablet with new site
site within desktop browser
Homepage Analytics
53% engagement rate
6 min, 30 sec. average engagement time
7.34% YTD returning users
83% traffic from desktop users

While engagement time is high, we deduced this could be due to the overwhelming amount of information presented on the homepage (in-depth user behavior research was not within scope). Our goals were to increase skimmability and declutter the homepage/navigation to increase the percentage of returning users.

Current Site

Mid-Fi Wireframes
The homepage routes to the most visited pages: Toolkits, Employment, Press Releases, and Events.