During my time interning at Robin Easter Design Studio, I rebranded Appalachian Arts Craft Center, a non-profit crafts center that offers classes for locals to promote Appalachian crafts. The craft center also houses a gift shop full of pieces made by local artists.

The signage in front of the building

Inside the gift shop

The challenge was to create a logotype that felt folk-like, traditional, and homey, but still up-to-date. The wordmark I created pairs the idea of Appalachia and arts through type. Because there is no imagery in the logo, it does not take away from the art pieces.
The floral mark (debossed above) is a mix of a stamp from the founder, Grace Foster (left above), stamps potters use to mark their pieces, and the barn quilt shown on the side of the building. Both marks can be used as stamps and as a smaller version of the logo.

The original barn quilt

New barn quilt