In this class, we were able to explore the RISO printer with ideas of our own. 
Our first project was a one-color poster. Although I chose black ink, I decided to use different colored paper to keep it colorful. The type behind the cats says, "꽃보다 고양이" which derives from the Korean phrase "꽃보다 남자," meaning "boys over flowers." My poster says, "cats over flowers." Cats over everything, really.
This next project was to create CMYK postcards. I chose my imagery from the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022). Funny stuff.
Next is a two-color zine. I chose Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven. This was one of my favorites because I got to explore a style I wouldn't normally do.
This calendar was a group project. I mostly did the typesetting on this and the cover.
For our last project, I created our own type using a system (above). Using the system, I made a two-color poster (below). The contents are a homage to my home of almost 10 years.